NuAge Vision IP services

At NuAge we have the skills to offer consultancy in each of the IP areas listed below. While particularly skilled in a number of life science related technologies our general skills in evaluating the commercial situation, in respect to IP, translate across a far wider range of technologies.

 IP portfolio management


  • Have you a system for identifying all the IP assets you own?
  • Are you using your IP assets optimally?
  • Are you paying for IP assets you don’t need?
  • Have you got gaps in your portfolio?

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IP deal structures & negotiation

  • Do you have the right deals and deal monitoring systems?

Options • out-licensesin-licensessub-licensesassignments rights to IP from joint ventures and/or research collaborations

All these and other forms of IP related deals need to be properly thought through, the right commercial terms applied and agreements regularly reviewed to make sure that your company is getting the best value from these assets (the agreements).

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IP policing & enforcement


  • Is it possible that unlicensed third parties are using your IP?
  • How should you investigate

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Expert opinion



  • Interpretation of what exactly is or is not covered by the scope of a granted patent
  • IP Landscaping & Freedom to Operate Analysis

Many organisations fail to properly manage their IP simply because they have inadequate or no systems in place to record what IP they have created or acquired. Until a comprehensive system is in place it is almost impossible to properly manage IP assets.

NuAge Vision can provide the essential framework for an organisation to manage its IP and to optimise the commercial return these assets can generate. Importantly NuAge is experienced in both creating the deals that generate value and the processes involved in defending, policing and enforcing IP from a commercial perspective.

We offer consultancy on all the aspects described. We are not patent agents or IP lawyers but we are experienced commercial people who know how to integrate commercial rationale with the skills and advice provided by these professional advisers.