Technology Investors

Technology investors typically include high net worth individuals, small and large funds through to private equity funds.

Early stage Biotech/Life Sciences can provide extremely attractive opportunities for technology Investors but the field is complex, dynamic and high risk. To maximise the chance of success the investor requires

  • 1) A wide array of opportunities to select from
  • 2) Knowledge of the market
  • 3) A clear view of how the opportunities fit market need

NuAge Vision can assist with each of these three critical factors

NuAge Vision is skilled in assessing Technology opportunities and understanding how they can be fully exploited to support a value added commercialization strategy.

  • Analysis: Identification and Validation

NuAge Vision has sight of many investment opportunities through it’s Technology Pioneer Network (Universities, Research institutes, SMEs etc) that can be introduced to Technology Investors NuAge Vision is experienced in technology due diligence, e.g. processes for understanding the underlying Science, the Intellectual Property (IP), current state of technology development and whether it really offers a robust solution to meet market needs.

  • Managing the opportunities

Critical to ensuring an investment has the best chance for success is the management team that will take the opportunity forward. NuAge Vision’s network includes experienced managers who can provide initial interim services to support the management team.

  • De-Risking the Process

Working with NuAge Vision de-risks the investment process for Technology Investors as we bring high level skills in opportunity analysis and project management.